The eyeball is surrounded by bones called the"eye socket" or"orbit." The orbit has four sides, a wall on each side, a roof, and a floor. The floor of the orbit, which lies under the eyeball, is the most common part of the orbit to become fractured or broken. This can occur when there is trauma to the eye area. Automobile accidents, falls, sporting accidents, and fist fights are the most common causes of orbital floor fractures.

When the orbital floor is fractured, the structures behind the eye and the eye itself can get caught in the fracture or the break in the bone. When this happens, patients can experience double vision, pain or a sunken appearance of the eye.

Repair of the fracture must be performed in certain circumstances. Repair involves removing any orbital structure from the fracture area and repairing the break by means of a plate. The plate reforms the floor and provides support for the eye itself and the orbital contents.

Your Surgical Experience:

This is usually done in a hospital setting and the patient is admitted for 23 hours for observation. You will be discharged the next morning by Malissa Sandhu-PA-C.

It usually takes approximately one hour to perform this surgery and there is minimal pain or discomfort following the surgery.

Patients use eye drops for one week after surgery to prevent infection.

After your Procedure:

You will be seen by Dr. Howard and/or Malissa Sandhu, PA-C 1-2 weeks following your procedure to ensure you are healing properly.

These procedures are covered by insurance.