The eyelids were designed to close completely. Tears which are resting along the lower eyelid need to be distributed to the eyeball to keep the eye healthy. When we blink, the upper eyelid dips down into this"tear reservoir" and distributes the tears onto the surface of the eyeball. There are times when the upper eyelid does not close properly and this process is inefficient. This can occur after a stroke, Bell's palsy, surgery, or simply because of a weakness of the eyelid closure muscles.

To help the eyelid close better, Dr. Howard can implant a weight, usually made out of gold or platinum, into the eyelid to help it close better. This also better maintains the healthy surface of the eye itself.

Your Surgical Experience:

Your surgery will be performed in an outpatient setting –patients are able to go home directly following their procedure accompanied by a driver.

Patients are usually given mild sedation from IV medication in a vein in their arm. This will ensure that patients are totally comfortable. There is usually no need for general anesthesia or a breathing tube or breathing machine.

This procedure is done by making a fine incision in the eyelid fold. The weight is sewn in place and the incision is closed. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes. Swelling and bruising are minimal.

We do anticipate you being at the center for a few hours for the entire process of checking in, speaking with Dr. Howard and/or Malissa Sandhu PA-C prior to your procedure, performing the procedure, waking up from anesthesia, and listening to the aftercare instructions.

You will be seen by Dr. Howard and/or Malissa Sandhu, PA-C 1-2 weeks following your procedure to ensure you are healing properly.

These procedures are covered by insurance.