Ptosis (Droopy Eyelid)

Woman with PtosisIndividuals who have “droopy” eyelids have a condition called “ptosis” (pronounced “toe-sis”). This occurs when the tiny muscle that lifts the eyelid becomes weak or slack, causing the upper eyelid to hang too low over the eye. People can be born with ptosis or acquire it later in life. It typically impairs vision. In order to see better, people with ptosis sometimes lean their head back, raise their eyebrows or physically lift the lid with their finger. Dr. Howard performs a surgery to readjust the position of this eyelid muscle and raise the eyelid. During your consultation, Dr. Howard and his staff will take pictures and perform a visual field test to determine if the surgery is medically necessary.

Your Surgical Experience

Your surgery will be performed in an outpatient setting, meaning, our patients are able to go home directly following their procedure accompanied by a driver.

Patients are usually given mild sedation from IV medication in a vein in their arm. This will ensure that patients are comfortable. There is usually no need for general anesthesia or a breathing tube or breathing machine.

We do anticipate you being at the center for a few hours for the entire process. After checking in, you will speak with Dr. Howard and Malissa LaRoche PA-C prior to your procedure. After the procedure is performed, you will wake up from anesthesia and receive aftercare instructions.

After your Procedure

Following the procedure, patients are observed for a short while before they are allowed to go home. The first two days following surgery should be spent relaxing with the head elevated and applying ice packs (we suggest frozen peas if you do not have an ice pack). You will apply ice to the area(s) 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off for the first 48 hours during awake hours and then 4 times daily until your recheck appointment. This will help keep swelling to a minimum. You will be seen by Dr. Howard and/or Malissa LaRoche, PA-C 1-2 weeks following your procedure to ensure you are healing properly.

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